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5 Flowers Perfect for Southern Florida

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If you live in southern Florida, chances are that you were wondering what kind of flowers you can plant that are able to withstand the high amounts of heat for which the area Is known. Below are five of our options that you can use that will thrive in the heat of southern Florida.


These beautiful flowers are one of the best choices for Florida because they can’t handle the cold. They can handle as many as four hours of being directly in the sun per day, so you want to plant them in partially shaded areas. The Orange marmalade are a gorgeous orange color and they will brighten up your Florida garden.

Egyptian star

These flowers are also known as Pentas and Egyptian star clusters. They bloom throughout the year and they thrive in areas that rarely get frost, which means that they’re perfect for southern Florida. There are different colors that these flowers bloom in, and they vary from lavender and blue to pink and red. A lot of people say that they are very easy to grow if you live in Florida. They also could be planted in the ground to cultivate gorgeous shrubs. During the spring months, butterflies and bees will flock to your garden to get a taste of these flowers.


When people see begonias blooming around the United States, it means that spring finally has arrived. But in Florida, these beautiful flowers can be seen throughout the year. These low maintenance flowers are simple to enjoy. All you have to do is plant them in the ground and they’re going to bloom. They love fertilizer and water, so you want to make sure that you are giving them the right amounts of both. Have a window box you want to use? You can plant them there too. They should be placed in an area that is lightly shaded if at all possible.

Angel Wings

This flowers also go by the name of Florida sweethearts and elephant ears. This large leaves have an interior that is a very colorful pink, and they’re a favorite in Southern and central Florida since they will only thrive on the temperature of the ground is above 70°, meaning it’s not friendly even for Orlando or Tampa people. They will look great planted by themselves or together with other types of perennials. The leaves often get very large, so you want to make sure that the plant has at least a square foot of ground to itself when you’re planting

Wishbone flowers

These are also called Torenia, and they are truly gorgeous when they have violet-blue petals. You’re going to make your garden look beautiful when you plant these flowers and they will be ideal until you have your first frost, which means they aren’t going to retreat until it hits December or even January If you’re in the central part of Florida. If you’re in southern Florida, you may be able to see them bloom year round. Wishbones are compact and they will grow to reach a foot in height. These gorgeous flowers look great when they are planted alongside of begonias.

If you are looking for flowers that will be able to stand the high temperatures in southern Florida, one of these is your best bet. They’ll make your garden beautiful, and you won’t have to worry so much about them dying in the heat.

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