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  • 9 Landscaping and Garden Resolutions for the New Year

    Are you looking for things that you can do in the new year to make life even better for you and your family? Chances are that you have made resolutions for yourself. Why not make some for your yard and your landscape too? Below are 9 resolutions that you can use to help your garden […]

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  • 6 Benefits of Using Mulch on Your Garden

    A lot of people have heard about mulching but they’re not sure what the advantages are when you mulch. There are many great reasons that you should mulch, both for your plants and for your soil. Below are six advantages that you will find to using mulch. #1: Weed Control When you are using mulch, […]

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  • Ponytail ‘palm’ gets new digs at Peace River Botanical & Sculpture Gardens

    PUNTA GORDA — It’s a good thing the botanist was there. Without Kathryn Preston, the project might have been just another Punta Gorda palm tree road trip. It was, in fact, much more than that. What was being moved Thursday from a home in Punta Gorda Isles to the Peace River Botanical & Sculpture Gardens […]

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  • Top 6 Popular Types of Palm Trees in Florida

    If you think about palm trees, chances are that you think about the ones that produce coconuts. But there are many different types of palm trees just in Florida. Below are the top six types of palm trees that grow in Florida and some information about each one. Areca Palm Tree This tree is also […]

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