Florida Native Plants

  • 10 Palm Tree Care Mistakes

    Are you thinking about buying a palm tree? If you are, there are some common mistakes that people make when they have a palm tree to consider. Below are ten mistakes that people commonly make when it comes to caring for a palm tree. Overwatering Newly Planted Palms You are going to notice that the […]

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  • 5 Flowers Perfect for Southern Florida

    If you live in southern Florida, chances are that you were wondering what kind of flowers you can plant that are able to withstand the high amounts of heat for which the area Is known. Below are five of our options that you can use that will thrive in the heat of southern Florida. Crossandra […]

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  • 9 Plants That are Perfect for Your Florida Garden

    If you live in Florida, or if you’re planning to move there, chances are that you want to know what kinds of flowers that you can plant in your garden. Below are nine types of plants that are perfect for Florida and some information about what type of care that they need.

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  • 5 Trees and Shrubs Native to Southwest Florida

    Prevent Introduction of Invasive Plants The use of only native plants in your Florida landscaping helps limit the chances that potentially invasive, exotic plant species will be introduced into the native Florida environment around your home. Many of the invasive, exotic plant species present in Florida’s natural areas today were introduced as landscaping plants many […]

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