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Steps for Creating a Topiary for Your Yard

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Topiary is the art of sculpting greenery and making it into creative and fun shapes. These beautiful pieces are usually found in well-maintained and stylish gardens. However, you can have them in your garden even if you are not wealthy or have a private garden. Trimming bushes into interesting shapes isn’t as hard as you probably think it is. Even someone who is new to doing it can create a delightful and magical piece for their home.

Buy a Shrub

Not all shrubs are right for making topiaries. Boxwood, privet, yew and ivy are the shrubs that are most popular for shaping into topiaries. These shrubs leaves are small, and they also grow densely and slowly, which makes these shrubs the best choice for trimming them into any shape. They also don’t require a lot of maintenance when compared with other kinds.

Select a Shape

Early in the summer’s the time that you should start a topiary project. Consider the figure that you’re going to choose as well as your shrub’s existing shape. There are times when a plant will already resemble a particular pattern, which can give you some idea of how it should be developed. Focus on the basic shapes that are needed for things like cubes, birds, animals or spirals. Basic topiaries like cubes, cones are pyramids are simple for novice gardeners, yet they make you feel accomplished.
The figures that are more elaborate like swans, bears, women, guitars and peacocks aren’t really complex, but they are going to take more patience and time. That is why it’s good to think about what you want and the amount of time you’ll have to invest in your project.

Use a Frame Made of Wire

If this is your first time doing a topiary, using a wire frame in the shape you want is a great way to get started. You also can make a template on your own from the wire frame. Choose one and place it on your bush. Then you want to prune the branches of the shrub where they’re sticking out. Make sure you are using sharp and clean shears, since using blunt shears will only harm your stems. When you do regular trimming, your shrubs are going to be trained so they’ll grow around your frame. However, this is going to take time so be patient.

Trim Without Using Your Wire Frame

When you are trimming without the wire frame it’s going to be a bit different. First, you’re going to have to carefully and slowly form your shrub into some geometrical shape. If you want to make a cat, trim it into the shape of an oval. Then you want to put some sticks for reference points for your tail or head. Tie those sticks using string to your shrub if you must. As your shrub grows, trim the stems that you select into those details like the paws, the tail, the head and other parts. This will likely take a few years, but if you persist, the topiary will look great!

Take Care of the New Bush

You’ll still have to water your shrub regularly, particularly when it’s hot. This will keep them looking green, healthy, and they will retain their form. You also want to keep the bushes free of pests and insects.
Based on the kind of shrub you’ve used, how often you have to trim it will vary. Some plant types will grow quickly, and others take a few years before a shape is formed.

A topiary will make a sophisticated and exquisite addition to the yard and can make your garden look magical. They’re not really difficult but you have to be patient and keep them up so they look their best.

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