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Tips for Caring for Shrubs and Trees in Northwest Florida

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If you live in Florida, you know that there are a lot of beautiful shrubs and trees that are in the area. Below are some tips that you can use to help your shrubs and trees looking beautiful and staying healthy.

Basic Tips for Shrub and Tree Care

All types of plants will need some basic elements for surviving and thriving- air, water, sunlight and the right nutrients that the soil provides. Even though the needs of each variety in the areas can change, you have to consider all of these elements.

Remember to Water Your Shrubs – Chances are that you know how important it is to water your lawn and you might even have a sprinkler system. But you want to make sure that your bushes and shrubs also benefit from the system. Since you possibly have planted your bushes and shrubs near your house, chances are that you have your sprinklers going where they aren’t going to hit the house so that your shrubs aren’t getting watered either.

Think About Light Needs When You Plant – Both shrubs and trees have problems with vulnerability to losing the sunlight that they need to obstructions like taller trees in the spot they’re planted. When you are designing your landscape or you’re replacing a plant that has died with a new one, be sure that the spot is getting enough sunlight so the plant thrives.

Promote Some Healthy Growth with Proper Trimming and Pruning – Shrubs and trees will benefit from being skillfully pruned since it will prioritize the way that nutrients get used. But you have to do it right and during the correct time during the yearly growth cycle of the plant.

Regularly Test the Composition of Your Soil – The soil’s makeup, the mineral and nutrient levels that are maintained and the soil’s pH balance will all contribute to the health of a shrub or tree. Check its composition and then apply the appropriate additives so that it’s optimized for those plants that need help.

Tips for Trees and Shrubs in Northwest Florida

Even though the tips that were listed above apply around and in Pensacola along with the remainder of the panhandle, there is a few things that you should do that are for the northwest region of Florida.

Prune During Late Winter – This is February to March and it’s the best time for pruning your plants because they are dormant during the winter. However, they’re soon going to be awakening to a lot of new growth during the spring. The timing is going to give your plants the very best chance of garnering benefits from pruning while they’re battling that shock that is often caused by extensive trimming.

There’s Exceptions for Early Bloomers – If you have flowering shrubs that bloom prior to May 1st, like camellias, spirea, forsythia and azaleas, you want to wait to prune until it’s flowered.

Regularly Prune Your Hedge Shrubs – Even though most ornamental shrubs and trees are able to be just pruned during late winter, shaped hedge shrubs are going to require pruning more regularly. It’s a good idea to trim them after they’ve grown 6 to 8 inches once they’ve reached their ideal height. You shouldn’t trim them more than this because it can stress the plant and when you trim them after more than 8 inches of growth they will become unruly.

Remember the Soil is Sandy – It’s going to be different based on where you are stepping but in general the soil is sandy. This could require mulching, composting, watering, and fertilizing strategically to help with optimizing the composition of the soil. If you have questions about the type of soil you have, speak with a company who specializes in lawn care in your area.

These are the tips that you can use to help your shrubs and trees looking great. Use them and you’ll find that you have shrubs and trees that you can be proud of.

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