4 Great Options for Patio Flooring

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If you are planning to put a patio down, one thing that you might be wondering is what type of flooring you should put down. There are a lot of variables to consider when you are choosing the right type of flooring for a patio. Below are four options for patio flooring that you can choose from.

Natural Stone

This comes in many varieties and forms and it’s a great choice because it’s both beautiful and durable. However, it’s also very expensive. With natural stone, you can choose from paving and flagstones to smaller cobbles and setts based on your desired effect.

Setts are paving stones that are small and chunky, usually with an upper surface that is slightly curved that once had been used for the roads in the city. They’re many times made of granite and they’re very hardwearing.

Sometimes setts are known as cobblestones or cobbles, even though the word cobble will also refer to naturally rounded, smaller stone pieces that you can fit together for making surfaces like paths.

You can use cobbles and setts for creating decorative inserts when you’re creating other patio flooring types.


  • There’s a lot of types to choose from that range from granite to sandstone to slate so you can find one that will work best for your needs.
  • Each of piece will be really unique and comes with its own character and beauty.
  • Natural stone will age well and will look better as it develops a patina as time goes by
  • It’s extremely hardwearing and lasts forever
  • After it’s installed you don’t have to treat it.


  • It’s really expensive and it can be costly to have it delivered and installed
  • It’s very heavy
  • The weight of the stone means you’ll have to prepare a foundation that’s solid of concrete and hardcore.
  • Some of the kinds, like slate, are often very slippery no matter whether it’s dry or wet.
  • Natural cracks and flaws in various kinds of stone often can mean that it’s going to flake and crack as time goes by.

Options to Save Money

It can be a bit cheaper if you buy right from the quarry as opposed to going through the dealer. It’s also possible to get the stone from a reclamation yard, and this will also save you money. The disadvantage with this is that pieces are various thicknesses and sizes so they’re harder for you to lay.

Irregularly shaped and broken pieces usually can be bought cheaper. These pieces can be great when you want a fun look.

Reconstituted Stone

This type of stone is a blend of natural stone that is ground up and concrete which has been made into various shapes. The more modern methods help with creating it so that it’s hard to tell whether it’s high-quality stone that is been reconstituted and natural stone. It can come in many forms from setts to paving stones and flagstones.

You can also purchase patio kits that are made from it. These are very convenient for you to use and they let you create patterns that are decorative easily.


  • Not as expensive as real stone
  • Comes in many colors, sizes, and textures
  • It has a regularity that will make it a lot easier to put down when compared with quarried stone.
  • Its uniform texture means it’s not as prone to flaking and cracking
  • It’s long lasting


  • Colors of the cheaper kinds can quickly fade
  • It lacks the natural variation and subtle beauty that real stone has, and it won’t age well.
  • Disadvantages of Reconstituted Stone

Options for Saving Money

It may be possible to get some from a reclamation yard in your area or you can look for the discontinued stock at the building store.


Clay bricks are going to be great for a smaller patio or to create part of the surface of the floor on one that is bigger. Since they’re made of a material that is natural they will create a surface that is sympathetic that can beautifully blend in with your garden and house.

They come in many colors and with slightly textured or smooth finishes. You want to make sure you’re using bricks that are exterior grade since they’re frost and weather resistant. You also can use the engineering since they’re really durable and hard even though they have smooth surfaces that can turn slippery.


  • They create a sympathetic and attractive surface that is less expensive than stone.
  • Come in many finishes and colors
  • It is hardwearing – a patio that is well-laid that is made of high-quality bricks can last for many years.
  • They have a small size that makes it simple to create many different bonds or patterns like basketweave and herringbone.


  • They are small, so it takes a lot of time for them to lay
  • When you put them over a big area, it can appear really overwhelming
  • If the bricks are poor quality, they can be damaged by weather
  • If the bricks have smooth finishes, they may become really slippery in icy or wet weather.

Options for Saving Money

It’s possible to pick up some bricks secondhand for prices that are really reasonable from demolition or reclamation yards. However, you don’t know how high quality they are.

If you’re a fan of the brick surface effect but you’re unable to afford real bricks, it’s possible to consider concrete pavers that will give you the same look for less.


Concrete and clay pavers are a choice that is very versatile for a patio floor. They come in many sizes, shapes, and textures so that you have a lot of options for design.

Pavers made of clay usually are made of red shades and they’re usable for creating a quite sympathetic and attractive surface for a patio.

Pavers made of concrete usually come in buff and grey shades. Even though they don’t usually provide an attractive and warm finish, they’re hardwearing and hardwearing.

Some of these pavers are made for replicating the appearance of brick surfaces laid in various patterns such as basketweave or herringbone, but the price is a lot more affordable.


  • Comes in many sizes and styles so you have design flexibility
  • Lets you replicate the appearance of surfaces that are more expensive like tile or brick
  • Moderately priced
  • Hardwearing


  • Pavers made of clay have to be resistant to weather or they could crack.
  • As time goes by concrete pavers can unattractively discolor unless they’re regularly cleaned.

Options for Saving Money

Look for closeouts at building stores or look for sales at the store.

These are some of the more popular options that you have when you want to put a patio down. What you choose will depend on your needs, your budget and where you live.

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