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6 Benefits of Using Mulch on Your Garden

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A lot of people have heard about mulching but they’re not sure what the advantages are when you mulch. There are many great reasons that you should mulch, both for your plants and for your soil. Below are six advantages that you will find to using mulch.

#1: Weed Control

When you are using mulch, you’ll be able to control how many weeds are coming up in your garden. Mulch will act as a natural barrier and limits how much sunlight is getting to weeds.

#2: Helps Retain Moisture

Organic mulch will absorb moisture. Both non-organic and organic materials cover your soil and helps with limiting evaporation. Keeping moisture, particularly when it’s hot and dry, helps with your plants and helps with the amount of your bill for water.

#3: Prevents Soil from Eroding

Not only does mulching help with keeping trapping the existing water, it will also keep the rain from eroding your soil. This is done by breaking the water’s fall and lessening its force when the ground is impacted.

#4: Maintains Nutrients in the Soil

When you mulch, you’ll help the nutrients stay in the soil rather than getting washed away when it rains. It also helps with releasing the nutrients into your soil when you’re using an organic mulch. This occurs as your organic material decomposes slowly on your soil.

#5: Helps Control Pests

When you use a certain kind of mulch, like cedar bark, this can help with deterring certain kinds of pests because cedar bark has some natural oils in it that will repel insects. So that you get all of the benefits, make sure that you are getting mulch that’s quite fragrant, since this is going to help with repelling pests. But you should know that some of the mulch can actually encourage some types of insects to go to the garden and even your house. Make sure that you are researching the mulch type that’s best for your specific needs.

It’s a good idea not to pile the mulch up against plant stems or trunks, because it may result in disease and insect issues. It’s best to stick with two to four inches of your mulch for most of the plants.

#6: Encourages Worms to Come in

When you use organic material to mulch your garden, it can encourage the earthworms to take up residence in your garden. These busy guys are going to improve the structure of your soil and cycling through the nutrients.
These are the six reasons that people have decided to mulch in their garden. The nice thing about it is that it helps your plants to grow and it helps them to be a lot healthier. You’ll see a big difference in your plants when you mulch.

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