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6 Tips for Caring for Your Garden After a Hurricane

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If you have a garden of which you are proud, one of the things that you will likely dread is something like a hurricane. The good news is that after the storm there are things that you can do to help your garden look normal again. Below are six tips that can help you with weathering the storm.

1. Check Your Evergreens

Evergreens are a lot more vulnerable to strong winds as compared to deciduous plants. This means you should be checking them to see if they’re damaged and removing any of the broken branches. This will help your evergreens to bounce back and look better.

2. Protect Your Roses

A lot of roses still are carrying flower and leaf, which makes they’re very vulnerable wind. The stems are top heavy and they can lever the roots from the soil while the wind is rocking them. This will expose the graft and roots. You should prune them back even if they have plenty of leaves with sharp secateurs. If you have hybrid tea roses, cut them to 3 inches or so. You should take floribundas to 12-18 inches. Shrub and old-fashioned roses will require a regime that is gentler and they’re usually  be reduced by 1/3. You should check that climbers and ramblers are tied in securely and then use your feet to firm in your roses, covering any roots that are exposed using soil. This will help them in case another storm should come along, so that they are ready for it.

3. Patrol Your Woody Plants

Check to make sure that none of your shrubs and trees have damaged branches or exposed roots. Snipping them now could save them for more devastation in the future. If there is a tree tie, make sure it’s not chafing its trunk. Cover any exposed roots.

4. Tidy Up Any Debris

If you have loose branches that are on your soil, it can cause a lot of damage if they’re blown across your ground. Pick the branches up and get them out of any wind. Remove soggy leaf clumps near to your plants and in those gullies between your border and lawn. They could harbor slugs because of the warmer weather.

5. Stay Off Your Grass

Wait until the weather is better before you are wheeling your wheelbarrow across your wet lawn. Being patient, along with stoicism and optimism, is going to be important for your garden.

6. Think of the Future

Sort your sundries out and by labels, strings, seeds, pens, seed potatoes and onion sets during the lull in between the storms. This will help you with staying calm and remember that the storm is going to pass.

These are the tips that you can use to help you with picking up the pieces and getting your garden back to normal after a hurricane. You may feel sad and devastated, but these are things that you can do to make it look better and help yourself feel a lot better.

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