Vacant Lot Brazilian Pepper Tree Removal in Punta Gorda

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Vacant Lot Tree Removal in Punta Gorda

In an effort to keep vacant lots under control the city of Punta Gorda, Florida has started sending letters to vacant lot owners who are in violation of having Brazilian Pepper Trees, Debris, Overgrowth and untrimmed Cabbage Palms on their vacant lot. If you have recently received a letter from the City of Punta Gorda, addressing empty lot landscaping violations, please call the vacant lot tree removal and landscaping experts. We will handle all of your vacant lot tree removal and overgrowth at an affordable price.

Vacant Lot Brazilian Pepper Violations

Sometimes vacant lots become overrun with brazilian peppers, overgrowth, debris and untrimmed cabbage palms and hedges not addressed by the Lot Mowing program, and becoming an eyesore for local residents.

Contact the Vacant Lot Tree Removal Experts

Our lawn care and landscape design experience has helped us in becoming one of Punta Gorda’s premiere vacant lots landscaping and lawn care companies. Many high profile lawn owners already trust Beautiful Boundaries Inc for all of their residential landscaping needs.

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